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We are not running clubs at present due to Covid.


At New Horizons we offer a selection of clubs/activities outside of our normal Resource Centre hours. Here are the clubs that we provide:

Disco dates 2022

Usually we would post the dates for our monthly disco, but we are not running this at the moment due to Covid.

First half

Second half

Our Tuesday night drama group and our Wednesday day time group collaborated to perform 'Mamma Mia'.  It was held on Monday 26th June 2017 at Kearns Hall in Birchington. All the Service Users who took part worked really hard to learn their lines, the words to the songs and even some sign language to compliment the songs. Stay tuned for our next performance!

Tea-time Clubs

We run Tea-time Clubs on Tuesday evenings, where the Service Users are supported to walk to the local shops to buy the food and are then supported to make their dinner. Once they have eaten, the Service Users are then supported to wash up their plates and tidy up the Resource Centre. Tea-time Club is from 3.30pm—6.00pm and costs £8.00 per person. We have a varied menu for each week, based on Service Users preferences.

Disco Tea-Time Club

We have started running a Tea-time Club before disco to make it easier for parents and carers. In our experience, we know it can be tricky to get the Service Users home, give them dinner and get them back in time for the disco. This club will be on the first Friday of each month from 3:30pm-6.00pm and will cost £8.00 per person. The Service Users are supported to make their dinner. Once they have eaten, they are then supported to wash up their plates and tidy up the Resource Centre ready to have a boogie at the disco! 


We run a Disco at our Resource Centre on the first Friday of every month (For specific dates please see this page or our latest newsletter). The Service Users really enjoy the discos as it is a chance for them to have fun and enjoy themselves but also to socialize with their friends! We also hold themed discos,  look out on our Facebook page for any themed

discos that are taking place! There is always a tuck shop, with cans of soft drink, crisps and chocolate for sale, 75p for cans of drink, large chocolate and sweets, 50p for crisps and small chocolate.

The disco is held at our Resource Centre on the first Friday of every month, 6.00pm-8.00pm and costs £5.00 per person.

Saturday Club

We run a Saturday Club as an extra time for the Service Users to be able to socialise with their friends and have fun! As it is a Saturday it is a pretty chilled out morning, there is usually a main activity e.g gardening, arts and crafts, cooking. However, the Service Users have the option to partake in other activities if they wish. 


Saturday Club is held at our Resource Centre on Saturdays 10.30am-1.00pm and costs £5.00 per person.

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