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We have a Resource Centre based in Margate. We use this as a base, but prefer to get our Service Users out and about as much as possible. Each Service User goes out into the community at least once every day, whether it be the morning, afternoon or for the whole day. Service Users can take part in lots of different activities during the week, they each have a time table which is made to suit their needs and preferences. When Service Users are at the Resource Centre, they either attend with a 1:1 or are a Resource Service User, meaning they don't have a 1:1, but are part of a group instead. Please find a time table of all the activities that go on through out the week.

Here are a few photos of our Resource Centre.

Where to find us:

Our Resource centre is on the industrial estate near Westwood cross, behind B&Q. Turn on to Enterprise road, go all the way to the bottom of the road and turn right, you will find yourself on Continental Approach. Keep going straight and we are in the corner, as you approach you will see a green garden fence and a big sign saying ''New Horizons'.

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